Odds are, if you’re born in the decade of the 80s, you have seen or heard the fan-favorite sitcom Roseanne, which aired from 1988 until 1997.   In 2018 Roseanne will be coming back to the small screen , as ABC chose the show for an 8 episode resurrection!   “We are America’s worst nightmare. We are […]

With school coming to a close and summer upon us, it could only mean one thing. Prom. Here are 3 awesome movies to watch to get you prepared for what to expect for graduation. 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)   Capturing everything about high school and the time leading up to prom, this movie boasts […]

Panorama – July 28-30 (New York City, NY)   Dubbed as the “East Coast Coachella” this will be only the second year the festival will be around, but with the amount of attention the festival grabbed last year, it’s looking to be one of the better music festivals to check out this summer. With a large range […]

1. Father of the Bride (1991)   Classic wedding movie about a father who’s hesitant about letting their daughter get married. With a cast full of comedic superstars, this film is full of hilarious scenes that will have you laughing for days. A must watch for anyone who hasn’t yet seen it, and is sure to have […]

Looking for that vacation getaway but the amount of funds in your pocket holding you back? Well we’ve got you covered, as we’ve compiled a list of countries around the world that can help you stretch those dollars out. Mexico   No matter where you look around Mexico, you’ll most likely find a good time to be […]

Easter is a great time for celebration, spending with family, and reflection. Here are 4 movies of varying nature to prepare you for this joyous holiday! 1. Hop   Great for the entire family to watch together, Hop was done by the same people who were behind the hit Despicable Me. Combining the use of computer generated […]

Looking to train harder, run faster, get stronger and overall get better? First off, you’re probably going to want to change up what kind of music you have playing on that playlist while you’re getting physical.   A study done in Australia has revealed information about the subject, which may have you second guessing what kind of […]

St. Patrick’s Day is more than just a day to drink beer and wear all green, it is an important day to celebrate the rich culture of Ireland. To get you in the mood to celebrate this wonderful holiday, take time to watch some of these movies. 1. In Bruges   One of the greatest slept on […]

The anticipated Disney live-action retelling of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is set to hit theaters very soon!     Many people can’t wait to see how Emma Watson will portray the intelligent and brave character of Belle, but did you know that Eddie Murphy is also in the film?   The comedy man will be sure to […]

Choosing the right kind of music is vital for your productivity level if you’re the type who to listens to music while studying.   Listening to music helps put your body in a state of comfort, in turn leading to more diligent studying by motivating you to stay focused for longer periods. Not only that, but can […]